Mixed Media, Installation
10 x 3 x 4

Comprised of large perforated stainless steel spools and partial spools which had been used in the textile industry. Light sources are contained within the spools, superimposing light and shadow onto their environment.

Circadian Snare
Mixed Media, Installation, 2003
15 diameter x 10

Light source within a rotating cylinder comprised of stainless steel etching plates for circuit boards, suspended from the ceiling, projecting the shadow of the circuit boards on its surroundings.

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Binary Bliss
Mixed Media, Kinetic, 2003
24 diameter x 42

Free-standing structure
of stationery perforated stainless steel plates,
on top of which rotates
a slightly concave stainless steel plate, upon which rotating balls interact with each other through centrifugal force and gravity, with two light sources of different colors striking the highly reflective concave plate and projecting the mixing of the two colors onto the ceiling.

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Mixed Media, Interactive, 2003
42 diameter x 55

Light source surrounded by several layers of screening and perforated cylinders which can be rotated independently in either direction, projecting patterns of light and shadow onto its environment.

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Kit is always on the lookout for interesting parts and pieces to use in his sculptures

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