Solo Exhibitions
Critical Mass, CSUF Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, CA, 2005

Group Exhibitions

Soup, Hart-Witzen Gallery, nine sculptures, Charlotte, NC, 2006

Narrative, 1001 Arabian Nights, Moving Poets Theater of Dance, NC Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Charlotte, NC, 2004

Collective, Satirical 6/15, “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore,” Moving Poets Theater of Dance, Hart-Witzen Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2003

Seduced by the Sensual Nature of Matter, Poets 6/15, Moving Poets Theater of Dance,

Hart-Witzen Gallery, Charlotte, NC, 2002

Prey, Ashes to Art, McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC, 2002

In Vitro, What’s New 2, Spirit Square, Charlotte, NC, 2002

At Rest Running, Influence, Wet Meniscus, Gateway Sculpture Project #3, Minneapolis, MN, 1999

Public Art

Constructive Interference, Huntersville Park and Ride, Charlotte Area Transit System, Charlotte, NC ($15,000 commission)

Double Dutch, Lobby, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, 2000 ($28,000 budget)

Aerie, Atrium, Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, 2000 ($45,000 budget)


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Grand Central Art Center, California State University at Fullerton, Santa Ana, CA.  Two-month residency program, producing catalog for solo exhibition, and packaging and marketing the exhibition for travel, February 2005 

Kellogg Grant Residency.  Researched and designed soap film exhibit that became a part of annual Bubble Festival.  tc "Education and Internship Education and Internship  " \l 2Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, 1983  

Related Work Experience

Studio/Facility Manager

Provide technical and logistical support to 42 resident artists annually; manage operational and technical facilities (8 studios, 3 galleries, and 7 shops including machine, wood and sculpture); participate in planning, budgeting and artist selection.
McColl Center, Charlotte, NC, 2000-2005

Master Prototyper
Conceptualized and created original exhibits to communicate science concepts to broad audiences; mentored team of exhibit prototypers; supervised staff of five; managed shop operations; served on diversity and communications committees.
Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, 1990-2000

Exhibit Designer
Researched, designed, engineered and fabricated one-of-a-kind, limited-production exhibits for museums, electric utility companies, and federal government.
Museum at Large, Charlotte, NC, 1988-1990

Exhibit Director
Conceptualized, planned, designed, built permanent and special exhibits; prepared and monitored annual budget for exhibits department; purchased and maintained shop and museum equipment.
Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA, 1986-1988

Designed and built interactive exhibits and refined existing ones for new exhibit hall.
Tekniska Museum, Stockholm, Sweden, 1985


Designed and build permanent hands-on exhibits; created theater presentations; managed plans, records and budgets; implemented public relations projects; developed and presented educational programs.
Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC, 1978-1985


Consultant:  Technical Research and Development

Light Show.  Developed eye-model exhibit and built optics bench.            Technorama, Winterhur, Switzerland, 1994 

Rehab Cloud ChamberAdvised refurbishing plan for 30-year old exhibit.
Reuben H. Fleet Museum, San Diego, CA, 1991

Visitor CenterRemodeled and equipped 3,500 square foot visitor center.
Appalachian Power Company, Pinouk, VA, 1989

tc "Appalachian Power Company   Pinouk, Virginia   1989Appalachian Power Company   Pinouk, Virginia   1989"           

Designer:  Special Projects


Set Designer for Moving Poets Theatre of Dance production of “Johannesburg Stories,” March 2006.


Set Designer for Moving Poets Theatre of Dance production of “We’re NOT in Kansas anymore,” November 2003.

 tc " " \l 2


Set Designer for Moving Poets Theatre of Dance production of “Faust,” October 2003.


Science Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA, 1987-1988

ITT Night Vision.  Solicited pair of Generation III light amplification goggles from ITT and conceived, designed and built demonstration exhibit of goggles.           

Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC, 1981-1985

Laminar Flow.  Researched, developed and built an apparatus that creates a laminar water jet.

Wings and Things.  Developed 45-minute presentation on principles of flight; wrote script, constructed sets and props including chair lift, hot air balloon, Bernoulli blower, wind tunnel, jet go-cart, jet engine and hovercraft; delivered presentations.

Science Theater.  Oversaw construction and equipping of 210-seat theater designed for live performances of science demonstrations.

Arts & Science Council.  Regional Artist Project grant, Charlotte, NC, Fall 2002

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